Express Wholesale

We specialize in buying & selling name-brand products at wholesale prices.
Express Wholesale is a company that offers wholesale and distribution services. We specialize in name-brand products across all categories. Our relationships with top manufacturers and liquidators allow our customers access to hundreds of brands at majorly discounted prices.

Share your wholesale & distribution needs with our team of dedicated experts and we’ll leverage our world class network to deliver for you. From inventory planning and merchandising to strategic pricing consulting, we will do whatever is necessary to help ensure your success.

Our business is built on relationships with our clients and we look forward to serving your wholesale and distribution needs.

Jeff Bolor Buyer, Purchasing Manager

Jeff is an experienced purchaser with 14 years of success in identifying and purchasing high-quality products that meet the needs of the company and its clients. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of market trends, Jeff is able to negotiate favorable terms with suppliers and secure the best deals. In addition to his analytical skills, Jeff possesses excellent communication and interpersonal abilities, which allow him to effectively collaborate with brands, suppliers, and clients. Through his expertise in purchasing, Jeff is dedicated to driving revenue and profitability for the company and its clients, both through the sourcing of new products and the management of existing inventory.

Joel KernBuyer

Joel is a skilled buyer with years of purchasing experience. He has a proven track record of negotiating advantageous contracts with brands, suppliers, vendors, and clients. He is known for his ability to find cost-effective solutions and products that match the company’s quality standards. In addition to his buyer experience, Joel specializes in product research and analytics.

Svilen GuenovBuyer

Svilen is a seasoned buyer with extensive knowledge in purchasing exclusive brands and products. He has a knack for identifying unique, innovative, and profitable products. He’s a strategic thinker who enjoys identifying new opportunities to improve and expand the company’s product offerings.